Exciting Times Ahead!

As you can see, I have already begun to neglect my blog! I’m really trying to make time to post but life is so hectic at the moment!

I am in the home stretch of this university semester which means assignments and exams galore. I am really starting to dread five more years of this! They better pay me damn well when I graduate (just kidding, I will settle for just being paid…)

Work is hectic but I’m about to have a month off. I’m doing temp work and because of my exam schedule and Josh (my boyfriend) visiting my employment agent said she can’t place me with anyone until my calendar quiets down. This means I am broke for a while. My rates are due for the home I own in Queensland so my outgoings are currently a lot higher than my incomings. Oh well, I always figure it out.

I just got my headshots. YAY! My amazing sister Katherine also just organised my sisters and mum to pitch in to pay for this acting course I really want to do as my birthday present. I start in two weeks and I can’t wait! I’m finally feeling like I’m getting somewhere with acting.

The weekend before last Josh and I organised a spontaneous trip to visit each other. It was the best and broke up the time between our visits which means I only have to wait 16 more days to see him now. Yes, I have an app that calculates that. He is visiting for my birthday which is on the 13th of October!

I will be seeing my mum, one of my sisters and her two boys (eight and two) this Saturday at my other sisters baby shower! For those of you getting confused, I have three sisters, Sarah 31, the eldest lives in Queensland with her husband and two kidlets. Christie is 28, she is about to have a baby with her fiance Daniel -literally, the midwife said it could be any day now!-, they live in Bondi. Katherine is 23, she is the one that I live with and the one I spend most of my tiem with so you will probably hear about her the most!

Kat and I have also just began a new diet and excercise plan (sorry Arnie, your bodybuilding workout was incredible but Kat’s forcing me to do more cardio 😦 I know… ludicrous!) We will be doing an IIFYM (if it fits your macros) plan that Katie’s Fit Script desgined for us and I’m super excited!

That’s all I can think of right now, I will be sure to update for often, I promise!


The Big City is Tough

Disclaimer: ‘Woe is me’ article ahead.

I moved to Sydney to become an actress. I was working as an accounting cadet in a small town in Central Queensland. If you have read my previous posts or my ‘about me’ you would know that I was living with my boyfriend. I own a beautiful four bedroom house that we lived in together, with our dog Trevor. My nephews lived in the same town which was amazing because they are the two coolest little men in the world. Apart from my job, everything about my life was perfect; I had a beautiful home that I shared with the nicest, sweetest guy on the planet.

I gave it up to move to the big city and try and succeed in one of the meanest professions.

Fast forward about three months, I’m only just getting my headshots done next week so I haven’t really made a dent in the acting dream. I’ve also discovered that long distance relationships suck. Like, a lot. They suck. Don’t do it. You will spend all your time missing your partner and taking for granted everything you have going for you at the moment because you just want to be back with them (sorry to anyone in, or about to embark on one, I’m sure you will be fine).

I’m also in a bind about where to live. Right now I live with my sister, which is great. What’s not great is that we are sharing a room in a tiny (but beautiful) two bedroom apartment, with a couple. It’s cramped. I also don’t really have the same interests as the couple and kind of don’t get along with them. I’m looking for another place, but I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this… Sydney’s expensive! My sister and I went from both owning our own huge, amazing houses to sharing a bedroom the size of each of our walk in closets – yes I’m aware, first world problems!

That’s my complaining done for the day. But yeah, I miss my boyfriend and I hate where I live so I’m pretty unhappy at the moment.

On another note, I have acting class tonight which is the one thing I look forward to of a week.

Assignments, headshots, acting class, the gym, my blog and no sleep…

These past few weeks have been crazy for me.

I’m studying three subjects at the moment at university and I’m so behind! The workload itself isn’t that crazy but I just have zero motivation to do it. I also tend to dabble a tad in procrastination; this blog is case and point. I really need to get the groundwork done for two assignments I have due next week but I decided to start a blog instead, because… you know, this is way more fun than statutory interpretation.

I am also on my path to searching for an acting agent so I am getting headshots done next week which really inhibits my study time. My acting classes are every Thursday night and I am still yet to learn my lines for tomorrow…

I have gotten super excited about my blog. I’m one of those people who decide that they want to do something and just goes all out. I’m also one of those people who usually forgets about their new found passion within a week. Here’s hoping I stick to this!! I was up until 12am last night working on the new blog and had to rise at 5am for the gym. Today was leg day and now I’m very sore and very tired.

I’m going to go and make another cup of tea.


This is my first foray into the world of blog writing (or is it blogging?) so please excuse me…

Let me introduce myself, my name is Lilli.

I’m a Law/Journalism student who works full time in administration, while trying to pursue an acting career and become a screenwriter.

Doesn’t sound exhausting? Factor in my television obsession and my new gym junkie status and you’ve now discovered why I get five hours sleep a night.

I figured life was getting a tad boring and I miss writing for fun, so I’ve decided to take up a blog and see where it leads me.

Naturally, my first step on my new mission of becoming a successful blogger (i.e. having someone other than my mum view my blog), was to google “how to become a successful blogger”. Google’s reaction, “find a niche!” this wouldn’t be a problem… if I had a niche.

As demonstrated above, I don’t have just one thing I am passionate about.

I wracked my brain long and hard and decided that if I had to choose one thing on this planet to do, and there were no sheep (I know that joke doesn’t actually make sense in this context but I’m just trying to cement my ‘cool’ status to all you 10 things fans) I would be an actress. Is this my niche?!

Now, I’ve decided I don’t actually know how to turn that into a niche for my blog. So this blog will be about all sorts of things that interest me. To name a few: movies, television, a tad of political dabbling if I feel passionate enough, current events, hard news, soft news, food, fitness and whatever else is running through my mind at the time.

I don’t want to bore you all (and by that I mean my family members that I have sent this link to…) much more so I will leave it at that and we can pick up again another day.